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More Paintings


Original John Cornwell Paintings

A horsemen with a few cattle 350 x 141 pixels   

"Billy and Bronco with Brown's Cows "

The stockman is bringing in a small mob of cows, aided by his dog.

  Original oil painting, canvas on board 200mm x 450mm  



     "Running out the Rams "

The merino rams have been 'crutched' in the great

woolshed, and now will let out into the paddock, to

mate with the ewes

  Original oil painting, canvas on board 240mm x 750mm

"Coming Home with the kids "

  Original oil painting, canvas on board 400mm x 500mm 

The stockman, who has finished his day's work, has collected the kids,

and given them the thrill of a ride home on these 'Gentle Giants'


'Waiting a Minute' for Mum.

A patient husband has nodded off, while waiting for his wife to finish her chat with a friend.

  Original oil painting, canvas on board 450mm x 300mm SOLD



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