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Marine Art



The "Batavia" Making Sail"

This painting has been selected for the cover of Peter Fitzsimons’ new book. about the "Batavia'

Oil on canvas, mounted on board   500 x 400mm

The Crew with the Season's Catch

The crew of the "Gertude L Thebaud" are heading home from the Grand Banks, with a prize catch at

the end of the season

Oil on canvas, mounted on board   400 x 500mm



Tall ship siling home in near calm  358 x 233 


"Ghosting Home"

The James Craig coming home

Oil on canvas, mounted on board   900 x 600mm


A yacht and a cargo ship are passing close to each other  350 x 245 pixels

"Close Encounter"

Sydney Harbour on a Saturday Afternoon can be a busy place.

Oil on canvas, mounted on board   450mm x 600mm


An old eighteen-footer is being sailed hard 225 x 300 pixels


"Yendys going for the Sow and Pigs"

The old type 18 footer, now in the National Maritime Museum

TO PURCHASE PAINTINGS : please contact the artist by e-mail.


or Phone: 61 (0)2 4232 2583

 Sculpture of Trim - Matthew Flinders' cat

Bronze sculpture of Trim is on the window sill of the Mitchell Library in Macquarie Street

[limited edition bronzes still available from the State Library Shop]

also "Little Trim" 14cms long, in bronze.

If you want more information to help you acquire a treasure which will enhance your home and life, please contact us.


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